LAZZARO, Gualtieri di San (editor)

XXe SIECLE: Chroniques du Jour

Date: 1938

First series of five magazines complete; Nos. 1-5/6; 4to; original wrappers, No. 1, Mars 1938 has an original colour lithograph by Pascin ("Le Chaperon Rouge"), with articles by Kandinsky, Le Corbusier, de Chirico, etc.; No. 2, Mai 1938 has an original colour lithograph by Kurt Seligmann and contributions by Miro, Man Ray, and Zadkine; No. 3, Juillet 1938 has 6 original woodcuts in colour and black-and-white by Kandinsky, including 2 colour woodcuts made for "Klange"; one colour woodcut for Der Blaue Reiter (Special Edition); No. 4, Christmas 1938. With 8 original engravings by Matisse, Arp, de Chirico, Miro, Laurens, Helion, Zadkine and Magnelli. With 2 coloured lithographs by Duchamp and Bill; No. 5/6, 1939. With original lithograph by Max Ernst, original engraving by W. Power, Kandinsky wood-engraving in 2 colours, and a Gino Severini "Futurist" engraving. Fine, a little dusty and some wear to the spines, internally fresh. Preserved in specially made box.


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