Telegram from C IN C Grand Fleet [Admiral Beatty] to Admiral Von Reuter, ordering the surrender of the German Fleet.


Date: 1918

Printed telegram form with manuscript insertions in pencil, laid down on card, 230 by 205mm. The telegram reads “1450 - From C in C Grand Fleet to Admiral von Reuter The German Flag is to be hoisted down at 1557 (3-57) today Thursday and is not to be hoisted again without permission 1450.” Under the terms of the armistice at the end of the Great war the German Fleet was required to sail to the Firth of Forth and surrender to Admiral Beatty and then be interned in Scapa Flow. The meeting of the two fleets in the North Sea formed the largest assemblage of warships in one place on one day in naval; history. In June 1919 most of the German Fleet was scuttled by their remaing crews.

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