STEVENSON, Robert Louis

Treasure Island

Published: London: Cassell & Company, Limited

Date: 1883

first edition 8vo. viii, 292pp., frontispiece map plate printed in grey and three other colours, original rust brown cloth lettered in gilt on spine,

Two thousand copies of the first edition were printed and issued between 14th Nov. and 11th Dec. 1883 in four bindings (rust brown, green, grey, or blue cloth) and with variously dated advertisement leaves usually bound in at the end. This copy is without any advertisement leaves but does have all the early issue points, namely (a) "Dead Man's Chest" not capitalized on pages 2 and 7, (b) printing flaw on last line of p.40 making the word "vain" look like "rain", (c) an "a" omitted on line 6 of page 63, (d) the numeral "8" is present in the pagination of page 83, (f) the numeral "7" is missing in the pagination of page 127, (g) the full stop is lacking following "opportunity" in line 20 of page 178, and (h) "worse" is printed for "worst" in line 3 of page 197. The contemporary owner was Robert Younger, a brewer and proprietor of St. Ann's brewery at 60 Abbeyhill.,

signed and dated in either pen and pencil on half title, dedication leaf and on the top margin of first page of text by R. J. Younger (of 15 Carlton Ter., Edinburgh) in Dec 1883, another early owner's name (Rutherford) stamped on half-title, small capital 'R' shape (presumably Rutherford's initial) cut out of the blank top margin of the title page, small burn hole in blank upper margin of leaf O2, light brown tea? stain (of varying extent) running into the upper outer corner of the last few gatherings (affecting blank marginal areas only except in four leaves where it just touches the page number or text), sometime rebacked with the original spine relaid, new endpapers.


Offered by P & B Rowan