Gertrude Jekyll letters and other ephemera (1927 - 1932)

Jekyll, Gertrude

Three letters, two from Gertrude Jekyll to Mrs Sotheby dated Nov 8th 1930 & Oct 30th 1930, sent from Munstead Wood, Godalming, with envelope plus another letter to Gertrude Jekyll from Herbert Cowley, Editor of Gardener Illustrated returning a leaf (which is present) on the subject of the Iron Tree which the editor says is the Ironwood Tree - Zelkova cremate. Also present: a postcard sized (reproduction or perhaps an original?) of a pencil drawing entitled Miss Gertrude Jekyll November 1929 with initials BS, the artist, and this was the artist Barbara Sotheby. In "Gertrude Jekyll A Memoir" by Francis Jekyll he refers to this drawing by her neighbour and friend and it appears in the book on page 201. Francis says "Mrs Sotheby of Littlejohn, .. pleaded for her consent to sit for a portrait. The claim of a long-standing friendship overcame her reluctance; the last and most successful of the drawings which resulted shows a distinct mellowing and softening of the features". These are slipped into a blue cloth bound 8vo., 'book'. which also contains the service of Gertrude at St John the Baptist Church, Busbridge. This is the Order of Service with the hymns all on laid watermarked paper of Abbey Mills, Greenfield. Pasted in are various press cuttings from local papers on the death and an article from the Bramley Parish Magazine titled "Recollections of Old Bramley" by Gertrude Jekyll. Inserted into the centre are pages of an article by Logan Pearsal Smith consisting 9 pages numbered 148 - 163, titled Gertrude Jekyll There are numerous articles etc.

Date: 1927 - 1932

It appears to be a 'book' which was produced for the funeral, consisting of 62 pages, with 45 pages of text including the pasted in pages. The letter of 30th Oct 1930 thanks Mrs Sotheby for her letters, and says 'our dear Herbert was everything to me, and life seems empty without him". The letter of Nov (?) 8, 1930 refers to the Irontree leaf which evidently Mrs Sotheby had sent to Gertrude. The letter from Cowley is in response and confirms that the leaf is from the Irontree. It goes on to ask her to visit for tea, stating that if Mr Sotheby is with her "then both come to my room upstairs".

Presumably from the estate of Mrs Sotheby, the long standing friend of Gertrude Jekyll.

Jekyll., Francis: Gertrude Jekyll A Memoir.




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