Complete set of Burke's Works (1792)

The Works of the Right Honourable Edmund Burke

Published: London: Pall Mall. and No 62, St Paul's Church-Yard, and No 3, WEaterloo-Place, Pall Mall. J Dodsley. and FC and J Rivington

Date: 1792

In full tree calf, 27.5 * 21 cms. Spines have been relaid, modern morocco labels, gilt tooling and titles, occasional spotting and edge browning. Vol 1, (collected in 3 vols), 1792, [4], (*1), (*62-64*), [2], 3-580 pp, bookplate of John Jones to epd, Mackintosh note p 63, occasional learned contemp marginal ink notes, new upper board, tear to tp repaired, new fpd, 1 repaired page edge. Deals with: A vindication of natural society in a letter to Lord ****. A Philosophical Enquiry into the origin of our ideas of the sublime and beautiful. A Short account of a late short Administration. Observations on a Publication, intituled The Present State of the Nation. Thoughts on the cause of the present Discontent. Speech on American Taxation. Vol 2, [4], 3-655 pp, bookplate to fpd (Sir James Mackintosh) & to epd (John Jones), new fep, small paper edge repair to 1 leaf, ink margin notes. Contains: Burkes speech in Bristol 1774, Speech at Poll, Speech on reconciliation with the colonies, Letter to the Sherrifs of Bristol on the affairs of America 1777, Letters of affairs of Ireland, Speech on the East India Bill, Speech on the Nabob of Arcots Debts etc. Vol 3, [6], 3-602 pp, bookplate to fpd & epd, margin notes. Contains: Substance of the speech of the Army estimates 1790, Revolution in France, Appeal from the New to the Old Whigs, Letter on the Penal Laws against Irish Catholics, etc. Vol 4, (collected in 4 vols), 1802, [2], 4 only, (vi-xvi), [3], 4-669 pp, printed by Bye and Law, St John's-Square, Clerkenwell, bookplate to fpd & epd, marginal notes. Contains: Hints for a memorial, Thoughts on French Affairs, Remarks on the Policy of the Allies with respect to France, Conduct of the Minority, Letter to William Elliott, Thoughts and details on Scarcity, Letters on proposals for peace with France, etc. Vol 5, 1812, [3], (vi-xxiv), [1], 2-727 pp, printed by Luke Hansard & Sons, near Lincoln's-Inn Fields, London, some marginal notes, bookplate to fpd & epd, lacks half title, some pencil notes & underlining. Contains: Letters on Regicide Peace, to the Empress of Russia, to Sir Charles Bingham on the Irish Absentee Tax, On the American War, to the King on the same subject, on the British Colonists in North America, View of the State of Europe, Reign of William the Conqueror, Reign of William 2nd, Reign of Henry 1, etc. Vol 6, 1813, [3], (vi-viii), [1], 2-735 pp, bookplate to fpd & epd, new spine to style. Contains: Ninth report from the select committee appointed to take into consideration the state of the administration of Justice in the Provinces of Bengal, Bahar and Orissa. 11th report and the Articles of Charge of High Crimes against Warren Hastings, + appendix to the 8th and 16th charges etc. Vol 7, 1821, half title, [5], (vi-xi), [1], [1], 2-662 pp, [2] adverts, some contemp pencil notes, bookplate to fpd & epd. Contains Speeches on the impeachment of Mr Hastings. Vol 8, bookplate to fpd, [4], (vii-ix), [1], [1], 2-610 pp, bookplate to fpd & epd, lacks h/t. Contains the Continuation of Speeches on the Impeachment of Mr Hastings: Reply.

Vol 1 contains a note in the hand of Sir James Mackintosh with regard to some MSS notes he copied from the Rt Hon Richard Fitzpatrick's copy of The Works of the Right Honorable Edmund Burke, which he had been shown by the poet Samuel Rogers at Holland House in 1813. Mackintosh was a noted author and political figure with Burke and initially opposed him, then supported him and then changed again.

Lowndes 316

BURKE, politician and author, was born in Dublin. ROGERS Samuel, (1763–1855), poet. MACKINTOSH Sir James, of Kyllachy (1765–1832), political writer and politician. FITZPATRICK Richard (1748–1813), army officer, politician, and poet. JONES John, ?


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