The Nursery Alice First Edition, 1889 by Lewis Carroll

Published: 1889

Date: 1889

In an interesting preface Lewis Carroll comments that he wanted to have an edition of Alice in Wonderland that was read, or rather, "to be thumbed, to be cooed over, to be dogs-eared, to be kissed" by children aged from "Nought to Five". This edition of The Nursery Alice was complied with simpler and larger text. It also contains coloured mechanical enlargements of twenty of the original John Tenniel illustrations. The original 10,000 copies were printed by Edmund Short but were rejected by Dodgson as they were 'far too bright and gaudy', so were reprinted. 12 copies were specially bound unpriced as samples for the American market. 4000 were sent over to America (known as the 2nd state). 6000 then overprinted with 'People's Edition' and priced 'two shillings'. Finally the few sets of sheets left over were 'sold off cheap' priced one shilling. This edition is known as the 4th issue and is very scarce. Illustrated glazed paper boards with cloth strip spine. Pictorial design of Alice asleep and dreaming beneath a tree signed E. G. Thompson.The rear cover has a picture of the March Hare in the center and the initials E. G. T. Cream endpapers with owner's inscription dated "1898" on front free page. Coloured frontpiece with tissue guard. Title page has One Shilling overprinted with an ornamental bar over the earlier price of Three Shillings. Therefore noted as the 4th 1897 issue. A Nursery Darling poem. Preface and Contents with 16 chapters. A few pencil marks within the text. Otherwise colours and pages are clean. An Easter Greeting, Christmas Greetings and 2 pages of other works of Lewis Carroll advertised at the end of the book. 10 x 73/4". 4to. 56 printed pages of the story.


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