Not on COPAC ([ 1860 ])

BENNET, Charles

The nine lives of a cat. Not listed on Copac

Published: Griffith and Farran, corner of St Paul's churchyard

Date: [ 1860 ]

BENNET,Charles .The Nine Lives Of A Cat, A Tale of Wonder.London, Griffith and Farran, Corner of St. Paul's churchyard, 1860 First edition. Author of "Shadows". Pp 20 of story, but each verso and recto interspersed with a blank verso and recto.Illustrated throughout by the author with rather sinister almost Wain- like images. Bound in embossed cloth boards gilt, still reasonably firm in its binding. Damage to spine ends, but at least Very Good.Approx 19cm x 14 cm. Complete with catalogue of books for the Original Juvenile Library at fear. Not on COPAC and we can currently find only one copy for sale online.Charles Bennet also wrote the better known book "Shadows" . This is a grim and uncompromising tale, with Kitty nearly hung, drowned, burned, fallen off a house, shot, poisoned, crushed, and bitten,until she finally catches a bad cold and dies. A rare little volume.

Original embossed cloth


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