The subject of these three volumes in the series, The History of Parliament, is the membership of the House of Commons during the reign of Elizabeth I. ([ 1981 ])

P.W. Hasler

THE HOUSE OF COMMONS 1558-1603 Volume I - Introductory Survey, Appendices, Constituencies, Members A-C; Volume II - Members D-L; Volume III - Members M-Z

Published: Published for the History of Parliament Trust by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1981

Date: [ 1981 ]

The history describes the problems of identification and analyses information about Members' education, marriages, religion, social background, and their residential and electoral relationship with their constituencies. It deals also with the returned Marian exiles in the Commons and the development of the committee, and covers statistical information on each of the ten Parliaments of the period.

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