Tanith Lee [1947-2015]

THE GODS ARE THIRSTY. A novel of the French Revolution.

Published: New York The Overlook Press Woodstock. 1996

Date: 1996

A unique and important inscribed association copy, of the authors only historical novel. Set during the French Revolution it follows the rise and fall of journalist Camille Desmoulins, who launches the Revolution and is eventually sent to the guillotine. The novel was begun in 1982 and inspired by a TV play entitled Danton's Death, which covered Georges Jacques Danton's trial and death. She also read about a newspaperman who was intimately associated with both Danton and Maximilien Robespierre.From the fall of the Bastille to the Reign of Terror the French Revolution was a time of excess both sensual and horrifying, and Lee portrays it through the eyes and person of the writer and revolutionary Camille Unusually for Lee it went through mutiple drafts, in part because the characters were not fictional and the ending of her book had already been written by history. First Edition inscribed on the titlepage to her great friend,historian & author " Rosemary Hawley Jarman after some 14 years most lovingly Tanith Lee 4th March 1997[ Date of Camille's death - almost ] St Leonards." Rosemary Jarman also died in 2015 and wrote the introduction to Lee's "Dreams of Dark & Light"


Publishers cloth in Dustwrapper


Offered by John Capes