World War Two: editor, KLESZCZYNSKI, Dr Ignacy

The Defenders of Tobruk: Special number issued on the occasion of Delivering The Fortress.

Date: 1941

Limited edition, bound with treasury tag in top left corner, 70 pages, each 340 by 215 mm. This copy is numbered 66. Printed on coarse textured paper. Text in English and Polish. Numerous articles, poems and letters by members of the garrison, the majority being from the Polish Carpathian Brigade, with c.40 superb illustrations, some full page. William Forrest’s copy, with an inscription from the editor to him at the head of the title page. Given the conditions under which the magazine must have been produced the production values are exceptional, especially the use of different typefaces for the item headings. Rommel’s victories in 1941 failed to include Tobruk. He tried three times to take the city and it became a cause celebre. Churchill signalled General Morshead the officer commanding ‘The whole Empire is watching your steadfast and spirited defence of this important outpost of Egypt with gratitude and admiration.’ Towards the end of 1941 the Australian troops holding Tobruk were partially replaced by British troops and the Polish Carpathian Brigade. The garrison broke out of the city on the night of 26 November and linked up wth the 2nd New Zealand Division. William Forrest was one of the last of the great Fleet Street foreign correspondents; the final echo from that school of remarkable reporters who, along with Hemingway, Arthur Koestler and company, covered the Spanish Civil War with pencils and notebooks and cables filed from postal depots under shell-fire, long before the electronic revolution brought warfare into our sitting rooms. (Independent - obituary). He covered many of the most important events of the war in Europe and North Africa and was actually wounded at Tobruk. A rare and important document which survives in fine condition, with just a few small chips to the covers.



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