ST. JOHN, Christopher (Christabel Marshall 1871-1960)

The Crimson Weed

Published: Duckworth and Co.

Date: 1900

1st EDITION. 12.9 x19.2cm black and red stamped cloth, uncut edges (vi), 338pp, (2)blank, (4) publisher's catalogue. This is a first edition of Marshall's first novel which tells the story of the illegitimate son of an opera singer. She was active within the women's suffrage movement and was a member of the Women Writers Suffrage League and Actresses Franchise League as well as the WSPU. She lived together in a ménage a trois with the theatre director Edith Craig and artist Clare Atwood and counted Radclyffe Hall among her circle of friends. In 1915 she published her autobiographical novel Hungerheart, which was based on her relationship with Craig and her suffrage activities.



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