GOW, Niel [1727-1807] Composer & Compiler. Nathaniel Gow 1763-1831]

The COMPLETE REPOSITORY of Original Scots Slow Strathspeys & Dances.

Published: Edinburgh Gow & Shepherd c1805.


The Repository was originally published in 4 parts by Gow & Shepherd [1799-1813] This would appear to be a made-up copy with the publishers signature to two of the engraved title pages plus much additional material.It comprises "Part First" in second edition The dances arranged in Medleys for the Harp, Piano-forte, Violin and Violincello &c. Humbly Dedicated to Her Grace the Dutchess of Gordon by Niel Gow & Sons followed by a second engraved titlepage viz Part Third of the Complete Repository. Both engraved titlepages being hand-signed by Nathaniel Gow and undated [N.b. Shepherd ceased trading in 1813 and Gow had the plates re-engraved and printed by Walker & Anderson [1815-1816] followed by Robert Purdie and various other publishers.]There follows a dedication to the Right Hon The Countess of Loudoun and Moira pps 1-34 various Strathspeys Reels & Jigs. Aldavoch. Or "O'er the moor amang the heather." pps 3-34. Dedication to her Grace the Dutchess of Gordon pps 1- 35-38 [ 3 leaves] Engraved Title page for a 5th Collection with a note and response to Robbie Burns accusation of plagiarism by Gow. pps 1-38 with a repair and loss of two staves.Mrs Elliot's [Tiviotbank] Reel and Mr Douglas of Springwood Park's Strathspey arranged as a medley. Composed by Alexander Given [Johnson & Anderson eng's and printers] pps1-3. The Marquis of Queensberry's Medley by Nath Gow pps 1-3 and dated 5th March 1811 The Favourite Dances of 1810 arranged for the piano-forteby Nath Gow as performed at his Annual Ball in George Street Assembly Rooms 13th March. pps1-4 Lady Matilda Bruce's Reel composed by Nath Gow to which is added four favourite tunes performed at all the fashionable meetings in Autumn 1810 Printed & sold by Gow & Shepherd. Folio 12¾x9½ in total132 pages.Very sound but worn original half leather with marbled sides, considerable staining and early repairs

Half Leather


Offered by John Capes