Thomas Preston, Edmund Law, John Seddon, Thomas A Kempis [etc]

The Collection of an Eighteenth Century Fellow of Queens' College, Cambridge: an Enlightenment Library

Date: 1700 - 1780

The library of Thomas Preston, Fellow of Queens' College, Cambridge. 19 volumes in total bearing the ownership signature of Preston who was a Fellow of Queens' from 1766-1775, also Rector of St Botolph's in Cambridge and Vicar of Scawby in Lincolshire. Preston has written his ownership signature on the first blank of almost all of the books, usually in a form close to 'T Preston. Coll Regin. apud Cant. soc. 1772', with his manuscript shelf mark opposite. The books are entirely unsophisticated in their eighteenth century bindings, many of them in 'Cambridge'-style panelled calf and strikingly similar in bindings, many of the volumes lacking their morocco spine labels. The highlight of the collection is a bound volume of tracts with Preston's list of the 'Contents of this Volume' written below his ownership signature. The tracts include William Romaine's 1753 publication, An Answer to a Pamphlet, entitled, Considerations on the Bill to Permit Persons Professing the Jewish Religion to be Naturalized and Robert Bolton's anti-gambling tract, A Letter to a Lady, on Card-Playing on the Lord's Day (1748). 1. Lucas Annaeus Florus, trans John Clarke, L'annaei Flori epitome Rerum Romanarum Cum Versione Anglica, C Hitch, Barston and Stabler (York) Munby and Mace (Hull, London, York, Hull (1746) 2. Ellis Walker, The Morals of Epictetus; Made English in a Poetical Paraphrase, R Gosling, London (1737) 3 Richard Allestree, Henry Hammond, The Whole Duty of Man, Laid Down in a Plain and Familiar Way, John Baskett, London (1728) 4. John Seddon of Warrington; Philip Holland of Bolton; Richard Godwin of Gataker, A Form of Prayer, and A New Collection of Psalms, for the Use of A Congregation of Protestant Dissenters in Liverpool, Chr. Henderson and John Sibbald, London and Liverpool (1763) Annotated by Preston to reveal the identity of the authors. 5. Edmund Law, Considerations on the Theory of Religion: in Three Parts, Published by Cambridge, Printed by J Bentham, London, York, Hull (1765) (Law was Master of Peterhouse) 6 C Crispi Sallustii, Cantabrigiae Apud Cornelium Crownfield, 1710 7 John Potter, Discourse of Church-Government, 2nd ed, Timothy Childe, 1711 8 Thomas Newton, Dissertations on the Prophecies, 3 Vols, John, Francis and Charles Rivington, 1777 9 Humphrey Prideaux, Old and New Testament Connected in the History of the Jews, Knaplock, 1718, 2 Vols 10 John Joseph Powell,Treatise upon the Law of Mortgages, 2nd ed, His Majesty's Law Printers, 1787, upper board detached 11 Thomas Sherlock, Use and Intent of Prophecy, J Pemberton, 1725 12 Mr Wollaston, The Religion of Nature Delineated, 8th Edition, J Beecroft, 1759 13 Thomas a Kempis, The Christian's Pattern: or a Treatise of the Imitation of Jesus Christ, J Ilive, 1733 14 The Works of William Chillingworth, 2 Vols, William Brien, Dublin, 1752 15 Bound Volume: Tracts: a Hugh Farmer, Inquiry into Christ's Temptation, A Millar, 1761 b William Worthington, Sermon Preached before the University of Oxford c A Letter to an Officer of the Army, on Travelling on Sundays, J Rivington, 1757 d Robert Bolton, A Letter to a Lady, on Card-Playing on the Lord's Day, J Leake, 1748 e Robert Bolton, An Apology for Christian Orthodoxy, J Rivington, 1761 f James Serces, Popery an Enemy to Scripture, J watts, 1736 g An Answer to a Pamphlet, entitled, Considerations on the Bill to Permit Persons Professing the Jewish Religion to be Naturalized, Second Edition, Reprinted by the Citizens of London, 1753.


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