The mysterious 'Legionnaire' ([ 1938 ])

P C Wren

The author of Beau Geste

Date: [ 1938 ]

P [ercival] C [hristopher] Wren novelist author of Beau Geste To an unnamed correspondent dated 14th July 1938 ‘In the book of short stories I have just written for publication in volume form by John Murray the stories average about 5000 words & so would not be suitable for your purpose. When I have any of the required shortness [or length] I will submit them to you.' Signed 'P C Wren' and then 'Major P C Wren'. Interesting that he signs twice the second time as ‘Major’ as to emphasise his military status though in fact there is precious little evidence for much of a military career. Although he insisted that he had served with the French Foreign Legion there is no evidence for that either and it is now widely believed that his famous works on the Legion were the result of extensive research. VGC.



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