Shoes (1984)

June Swann

Shoes (The Costume Accessories Series)

Published: B. T. Batsford

Date: 1984

“This day I began to put on buckles to my shoes”, wrote Samuel Pepys in 1660; and indeed over the last four centuries shoes have shown as great and fashionable a variety as any other item of costume. June Swann has written an original and much-needed history of footwear from 1600 to the present day, offering an immense amount of factual information in a concise form. Every part of the shoe has undergone repeated change-whether it is the heel, first introduced at the beginning of the period, and rising in some cases to a height of six & a half inches towards the end of the nineteenth century, or the toe, now round, now pointed, now square; and so within each chapter the author describes developments in these different parts. Materials, too, have been rich and varied, including leather, silk, wool, linen, plastic, and many more. June Swann recounts these changes against their historical, social and technical background, with the aid of contemporary descriptions, showing by their liveliness the strength of opinions aroused by shoes in every century. The photographs in black-and-white and in colour are accompanied by extended captions, and include many items never before photographed. 75 black and white illustrations & 4 pages of colour photographs. The illustration on the front of the jacket shows ladies' shoes and a clog, late 17th to early 18th century; that on the back shows a man's leather jack boot made for riding, mid-18th century (both courtesy of Northampton Museum.)

illustrated by b/w. drawings with colour & b/w. photo's.

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