Date: c.1845

ANE BREVE CHRONICLE OF THE EARLS OF ROSS AND THE ABBOTS OF FEARN Copied from the original manuscript in the possession of Sir Charles William Augustus Ross of Balnagown, Bart. Square 8vo. pp. 119 + blanks. Contemporary cloth backed boards, worn to the extremities. Manuscript copy made c. 1845 of an earlier manuscript. “The original is in very bad condition, the half of one of the leaves being entirely wanting in one place, & several leaves wanting in others. It is written in a hand in the early part of the 17th century: and internal evidence proves it to have been written previous to the year 1615.” An intriguing manuscript which appears to differ from other versions of the same document. The Cronicle was privately printed in 1850, edited by W.R.B. and it possible that this is one of the transcripts that were made of the various copies that he inspected. Comparing this transcript with the published version [copy supplied], it is found to be a reasonably accurate transcript of the main body of the work comprising the first 52 pages of this manuscript. The latter half of the manuscript is not in the printed version other than a few notes on the family of Ross and I have been unable to trace any printed copies of this quite extensive genealogical information. It may therefore represent the only copy of these charters and documents outside of the originals held by the Earls of Ross.


Offered by Michael S Kemp Bookseller