BLUME, Carl Ludwig

Rumphia, sive commentationes botanicae imprimis de plantis, Indiae Orientalis, tum penitus incognitis tum quae in libris Rheedii, Rumphii, Roxburghii, Wallichii, aliorum, rencensentur.

Published: [Brussels] Bruxellis: H. Remy

Date: 1836 - 1848

4 vols. bound in 3 folio [8], 124; [4], 176; [2], ii, 224; [4], 76pp., 3 lithograph portraits, 184 lithographed botanical plates (of which 156 are superbly hand coloured, 18 large folding), 17 other plates (of which 10 are tinted lithograph views), twentieth century rich pink half morocco, spines attractively and richly gilt in compartments, lacks 9 plates (of which 6 are botanical, 3 views), slight repair to the margin of 1 plate, few plate margins very slightly dusty else a very good fresh copy. Attractive copy. Very scarce.

Sitwell, Blunt & Synge Great Flower Books, p.50; Nissen 178; B. D. Arpad Plesch Mille et un livres botaniques, p.144; Jackson Guide to the Literature of Botany, p.117 This magnificent work on the flora of the East Indies is based primarily on Blume's own botanizing in Java. He was employed there a senior doctor attached to the Dutch East India Company and in later years became a professor of botany and director of the state botanical collections at Leyden. In this work he saw himself as continuing the work of George Eberhard Rumph, and it is as an acknowledgement of his debt to that pioneer that he titled his own great work Rumphia. He also published two other works on the flora of the East Indies, Flora Javae, 3 vols, 1828-51, and Collection des Orchidées .. de 'Archipel Indien.., 1858-59. Neither of these, while splendid works, is either as rare or as magnificent as Rumphia, accurately described by B. D. Jackson as "a truly splendid work".


Offered by P & B Rowan