History (2003)

Aston, Mick; Dixon, K. R. & Stephenson, I. P.

Roman Cavalry Equipment

Published: Tempus Publishing Ltd.

Date: 2003

ablaze with colour, mounted on an armoured horse, metal body armour glinting in the sun, spear in one hand and double-edged sword hanging. at his side, the Roman cavalryman must have been a. dazzling and magnificent sight. Essentially the medieval knights of their day, the Roman cavalry was an impressive and considerable force that greatly contributed to the Roman Empire's success. This comprehensive .account considers every aspect of cavalry equipment throughout the centuries of the Western Roman Empire: protective. armour (helmets,. shields and body armour), weaponry (swords, daggers, spears and archery equipment), horse armour (chamfron, crinet and. peytrals) and a wide range of miscellaneous equipment (standards, spurs and musical instruments).

illustrated throughout by b/w. & colour photo's. & drawings

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