Beatles Posters (1967)

Richard Avedon

Richard Avedon Beatles Posters

Published: 1967

Date: 1967

A set of all four original Beatles Posters complete with the black and white Banner. Produced in 1967 from photographs and designs by Richard Avedon. These were simultaneously published in England, Germany and the USA. These are from the German edition published by STERN Magazine. In England they were published in approximately the same size by the Daily Express. The American versions were published by 'Look Magazine' and were slightly bigger. The Posters are 68 x 48cm approx. The banner is 36 x 102cm approx. All are laid down on white canvas in the manner acceptable to collectors. There is one thin scratch mark on George Harrison in the banner. The canvas overlaps the posters with a border of approx. 3cm all round. The bottom edges of the canvas are slightly frayed and creased but when framed this would not be seen.

Stern Magazine

Richard Avedon

Very Good


Offered by David Maynard