1935-1936 MANUSCRIPT Album of Paintings and Writings by Fred Sharp Entertainer & Proprietor of The Rose And Crown Inn Greyfriars Walk, Bedford ([ 1935 - 1936 ])

Fred Sharp Proprietor of The Rose And Crown Inn Greyfriars Walk, Bedford

Quirky Manuscript Book 1935-1936

Date: [ 1935 - 1936 ]

Produced in 1935-1936, this is a very attractive and extremely interesting quirky and varied manuscript book of original artwork and writings by a Fred Sharp Proprietor of The Rose And Crown Inn Greyfriars Walk, Bedford , one page carries a photograph of Fred Sharp with another picture that describes him as an Entertainer living at a house named “Utopia” Kempston Bedfordshire, another page contains a page of manuscript music Titled “The Rose and Crown” written and Composed by Fred, apart from a few newspaper articles by Fred, and a few photographs, including a short story about a dog by Fred that appeared in the Bedford Standard in June 1937 virtually every other entry is completely handwritten with some very intricate and time consuming page designs, includes a short symphony by the author, with words and music, Original Poetry by Fred, Tribute pages to various authors including Charles Dickens, Goldsmith, Cowper, Pope, Arnold Bennett, Daniel Defoe, Dante, John Bunyan, Tennyson, a painting inspired by the Paul Robeson song “Ol Man River”, a painting of the R101, Airship, a page of Palindromes, Father Christmas, Shakespeare’s House, a page of Astronomical Facts, A few pages of Famous Quotes, The Ten Commandments, Darts, Beer, Moot Hall, a number of pages with Quotes from Omar Khayyam illustrated with paintings, a Memorial page to William Shrubsole Composer of “Miles Lane”, The old Gateway Rochester “Jasper’s House, Edwin Drood”, Bible Quotes, a painting of John Bunyan’s Cottage, A Windmill painting accompanied with original poem, Playing Cards, a double page of Foreign Quotations from Latin, Greek, French and Italian, a painting of the Birth Place of Robert Burns, a Painting of the Poem “God’s Garden” by Dorothy Frances Gurney, a painting inspired by Longfellow’s “Evangeline”, a painting of the Raven by Edgar Allan Poe, paintings of The Blacksmiths Shop at Gretna Green, and The Old Sark Bridge at Gretna, a painting of Anne Hathaway’s Cottage, a painting of “Ye Old Fighting Cocks” at St. Alban’s England’s oldest Inn,. With Some Humorous paintings, etc, Every main painted page is fully indexed at the front of the book with a double page handwritten page index, overall there are over 130 used pages, the book bound in full leather measures 11 inches by 7.5 inches approx., the contents are shaken and loosened with one loose page else holding well, A DELIGHTFULLY OFFBEAT AND QUIRKY 1930s MANUSCRIPT BOOK CREATED BY A FRED SHARP OF BEDFORD

Full Leather


Offered by Andrew Cox