Fawkes family of Farnley Hall ([ 1881 ])

FAWKES FAMILY of Farnley Hall; John Ruskin; Princess Beatrice

Princess Beatrice's Birthday Book [signed by John Ruskin and more than a hundred others, many from the Fawkes, Arkwright and Sitwell families]

Date: [ 1881 ]

Princess Beatrice's Birthday Book, owned by the Fawkes family of Farnley Hall in Wharfedale, and inscribed by the besotted Ruskin: 'John Ruskin 1819 [his birth year] Happy, once more, at Farnley 1884'. Ruskin has written his inscription on the printed page for February 8th - his own birthday - with a pencil note from a Fawkes family member that Ruskin visited on December 14th 1884. Between 1806 and 1824 Farnley Hall became almost a second home for Ruskin's idol the painter J.M.W. Turner and in the same year as this inscription Ruskin wrote of Farnley that 'there is nothing like it in the world ¿ a place where a great genius has been loved and appreciated.' Ruskin was himself a frequent visitor and great admirer of Farnley, the Fawkes family who lived there and their immense collection of Turner's work. Walter Fawkes had been Turner's patron a generation earlier; this printed birthday book is filled with the inscriptions of around thirty other members of the Fawkes family in the 1880s as well as a couple of hundred friends and relatives whose names are helpfully indexed at the end including numerous members of the Arkwright and Sitwell families. The book is wrapped in an embroidered loose cover bearing the initials of a Fawkes family member: 'C.C.F.' This large quarto sized volume is in good condition only, original cloth binding, blue floral endpaper, inner hinges cracked, all edges gilt. The gutta percha binding is perished with several loose and detached gatherings.


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