The Most Important Nineteenth Century Plan of Oxford.

Robert Syer Hoggar

Plan of the City of Oxford.

Published: Engraved by Thos. Jones on four sheets, each 760 x 610 mm.,on a scale of 44 feet to one inch and published in Oxford in 1850. Overall size 1565 x 1220 mm.


The most important nineteenth century plan of the city of Oxford forming a link between the earliest survey carried out by Isaac Taylor in 1751 and the large scale maps and plans of the Ordnance Survey which surveyed Oxfordshire in 1876. It includes the new working-class suburbs of St.Ebbes and Jericho as well as the beginning of the development of North Oxford, most of which was owned by St. John's College.It is interesting to note that Woodstock Road and Banbury Road are designated respectively as St.Giles Road West and St.Giles Road East,while the area beyond Park End Street is completely undeveloped but indicates an area earmarked for a 'Proposed Station'.

Very good in original slightly worn case.


Offered by Peter Hill