Palestine Exploration Fund Annual 1911; 1912-1913 (Double Volume); 1914-1915 (Double Volume); 1923-1925; and 1927 [ie. Vols. 1 - 5]

Published: London: Published by Order of the Committee. Sold at Offices of the Fund

Date: 1911 - 1927

first editions (vol. 3 in first issue) large 4to. Vol.1 [8], 110, [4 (advt)]pp/. 17 numbered plates, numerous photo illustrations, plans, drawings, etc. through text; Vol.2 [10], 104, [4 (advt.)]pp., coloured frontispiece plate, 61 numbered plates (incl. 1 in colour), numerous illustrations through text); Vol.3 [2], xvi, 154, [4 (advt.)]pp, 37 numbered plates, 1 folding plan, numerous illistrations through incl. 2 full-page plans; Vol.4 xvi, 216, [4 (advt.)]pp, frontispiece photo plate of Mount Ophel with tissue onlay key printed in red, 26 plates (incl. 2 folding), numerous illustrations through text, 2 folding maps of Mount Ophel excavation in rear pocket (1 vey large and in colour); Vol.5 x, [2], 135, [4 (advt.)], [1 (blank)]pp., frontispiece plate & 21 numbered plates, 1 large coloured plan of Tyropeon Valley excavation 1927, all in the original blue cloth-backed printed boards with 'title pages' on front covers, spines gilt lettered and blocked, spines of vols. 1, 4 and 5 a little faded, very minor scuffing to corners of some boards, else very good to nice copies.

The Palestine Exploration Fund, founded in London in 1865, is the world's oldest organization created specifically for the study of that region. "Its initial object was to carry out surveys of the topography and ethnography of Ottoman Palestine with a remit that fell somewhere between an expeditionary survey and military intelligence gathering. Consequently, it had a complex relationship with Corps of Royal Engineers, and its members sent back reports on the need to salvage and modernise the region" [Wikipedia]. This is perfectly exemplified in the third of these reports for 1914-15 written by T. E. Lawrence and Leonard Wooley. That work The Wilderness of Zin is Lawrence's first work to appear in book form. The copy included here is the first issue with a full stop after the date on the spine. In the first two months of Lawrence and Woolley together with a British Army surveying detachment, mapped the Negev region of the Sinai Peninsula, then under Ottoman rule. The British, convinced that war was immanent, needed modern maps and the survey's purpose was therefore entirely military but undertaken under the guise of an archaeological expedition. The publication of its findings in an academic journal was intended to reinforce that disguise. Lawrence described the original publication of the Report as "whitewash". The contents of all of the reports are: The 1911 Annual by Duncan Mackenzie & Gustaf Dalmer covers excavations at Rabbath Ammon,, Beth-Shemesh and Khazneh at Petra. The 1912-13 Annual by Duncan Mackenzie covers excavations at Beth-Shemesh The 1914-15 Annual by T. E. Lawrence & C. Leonard Woolley The Wilderness of Zin covers excavations at the Negev region of the Sinai Peninsula The 1923-25 Annual by R. A. S. Macallister and J. Garrow Duncan covers excavations at the Hill of Ophel The 1927 Annual by J. W. Crawford and G. M. Fitzgerald covers excavations at the Tyropoeon Valley, Jerusalem.


Offered by P & B Rowan