Rare book from 1844 (1844)

J Wilson

Our Israelitish Origin or British Christians a Remnant of The True Israelites with a Reply to The Objections of the Rev. E. Bickersteth

Published: Nisbet,Berners Street,Wertheim,Paternoster Row 1844

Date: 1844

The debate centres around fourteen lectures: 1.Israel's Ancestry and the Three Grand Races of Mankind contrasted with the modern European Race 2.The Land of Israel - Its Central and Important Position - Its Historical and Prophetical Connections 3.The promise Made unto the Fathers - Specially regarded the One Seed,to come of Judah; and the Multitudinous Seed,to come of Ephraim 4.The Training of Israel 5.The Dispersion of Israel 6.The Place of Israel's Hiding 7.The Progress of Israel Westward 8.State of Europe Subsequent to the Northern Invasion 9.The English Identified with Israel 10.Further Identification of the English with Israel 11.French Testimony 12.The Identification Concluded 13.Israel,the Measuring Line of the Lord's Inheritance 14.Recapitulation and Conclusion

William Cavendish, the Sixth Duke of Devonshire. On the front endpapers 'His Grace The Duke of Devonshire from a friend' Signed with an indecipherable monogram

1844 First Edition very rare

Some rubbing to embossed boards and some staining to lower board,gilt spine title reasonable,uncut pages all cut


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