A Vellum Chirograph (1785)

PARKER family

Original Vellum Manuscript Documents relating to property, land and a steel furnace in Darnall Sheffield

Published: PARKER family

Date: 1785

Two handwritten vellum Chirographs or Final Court Agreements relating to the ownership of property & land in Darnall. Each party having a copy of the agreement. Both written on 1 skin from the inside out - the 2 copies then cut with an irregular edge to matche up. To have both pieces is unusual, each here measures approximately 16½ X15 inches. Dated Easter in the 25th year of the reign of King George lll [ ie 1785] The individuals involved are: John Harmon, Clerk. William Parker & Sarah his wife.Thomas Parker & Mary his wife. Ebenezer Parker and Deborah his wife. Contents relate to property and land in Sheffield and Darnall in the Parish of Sheffield in the County of York consisting of: Eight Messuages [ ie a house with outbuildings and land assigned to its use] 8 Cottages 10 Shops 1 Steel Furnace.1 Warehouse and curtilage [ie. the land immediately surrounding it]1 acre of land 1 acre of Meadow 1 acre of Pasture. Complete and in excellent, legible condition.



Offered by John Capes