STRIP CARTOON ([ 1848 - 1851 ])

ROGET, John Lewis.

ORIGINAL ILLUSTRATED STRIP CARTOON. A Sketch of a Passage in the Life of Mr Pipp the Barber; wherein the inroads made upon his peace of mind by the Widow Plum, the fair grocer, are duly registered by their mutual friend and admirer J.L.R.

Date: [ 1848 - 1851 ]

17 leaves of ms. strip cartoon on rectos only of oblong 8vo, including titlepage, portrait of Mr. Pipp, 14pp illustrated story, & illustrated ‘finis’ leaf. Bound in full green morocco, gilt ruled border with a decorative gilt title on front board ‘Life of Mr. Pipp’. v.g. WITH: “A Shepherd Once Had Lost His Love”. A pastoral song. With illustrations and notes by Roget? 1847. 20pp, on rectos only. Orig. pink wrappers, illus in gilt, ms. title on front wrapper; dulled & a little marked. WITH: Adolphus Gosling. Outlines of the most interesting portion of the chequered life of that singular individual. Designed and Drawn by ‘W.A.G.’. Unfinished ms. strip cartoon. 11 captioned illustrations on 4pp oblong 8vo with additional ms. titlepage & port. of Adolphus Gosling. Bound in royal blue fine-grained cloth, paper title label on front board.

Three items. Purchased together with other artefacts relating to the Roget family from the library of Anne and F.G. Renier. Two delightful manuscripts by John Lewis Roget, 1828-1908, the son of Peter Mark Roget, best known for his publication of the Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases in 1852. Mr Pipp, with 44 accomplished illustrations and accompanying text, relates the comic tale of Mr. Pipp the barber and his attempts to woo Mrs. Plum, a widowed grocer. Baffled by Mrs. Plum’s rejection of his advances, Mr. Pipp sets about improving himself in order to win her hand. First he learns to dance: another rejection; then he buys a wig: rejection. Finally, he takes to losing weight through hill walking, weight lifting, gymnastics and even playing cricket. Mr. Pipp finally finds some peace - but does Mrs. Plum finally accept his advances? ... Rodolphe Töpffer, 1799-1846, was a Swiss school teacher credited with being the creator of the earliest European illustrated comic strip. Created for the entertainment of his pupils, Töpffer published his first collection of cartoons, Histoire de M. Vieux Bois, in 1837. Translated into English and published as The Adventures of Obadiah Oldbuck in 1841, Töpffer’s comic strips were a clear influence on Roget. Although there is no record of Mr Pipp appearing in print, Roget published, in 1859 and 1860, two illustrated comic ‘scrap-books’ entitled A Cambridge Scrap-Book and A Volunteer’s Scrap-Book. A Shepherd Once Had Lost His Love was a popular song from Storace’s Drury Lane Opera The Chorokee, 1794. With a manuscript half title and titlepage, Roget sets out three versions of the tale; the musical score and lyrics, the three cantos with accompanying textual criticism at the end of the volume, and an abridged illustrated copy. The two volumes are accompanied by a third unfinished illustrated manuscript in a similar style but possibly not by Roget.


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