An Archive of Original Artwork designs for over 116 Christmas & Greetings Cards by the Artist R. A. Wilkin of West Norwood, London, circa 1970s (c.1970 - 1980)

Christmas Cards

Original Artwork for over 100

Date: c.1970 - 1980

This is an interesting archive, being a collection of the original artwork for over 100 Christmas and Greetings cards designs by the artist R. A. Wilkin, formerly of Cheviot Road, West Norwood, London, Telephone Gipsy Hill 5044. the cards are not dated, but the artist had a four digit telephone number which possibly dates the artwork to the 1970s, the collection consists of One Hundred and Sixteen fully painted original cards, plus another seven which are just pencil sketches, and a further two that are damaged, the artwork for the cards is brightly coloured, often garish, but very typical of the period, many of the pieces have the artists address stamp on the rear. A very nice good size archive of original designs and artwork for the greetings cards industry, probably dating to the 1970s


Offered by Andrew Cox