Norwich (2005)

Gilchrist, Roberta

Norwich Cathedral Close: The Evolution of the English Cathedral Landscape (Studies in the History of Medieval Religion)

Published: The Boydell Press, Woodbridge, Suffolk

Date: 2005

This study explores the development of Norwich cathedral close from its foundation in 1096 up to c. 1700. Archaeological, visual and historical evidence is used to reconstruct the landscape and buildings of the close, and transformations in their use and meaning over time. In contrast with previous approaches to cathedrals, the emphasis is placed here on the layout of the monastery, and the ways in which buildings and spaces were used and perceived by different social groups, including members of the cathedral community, their servants, and visitors to the precinct. Patterns observed at Norwich are placed in comparative context with other cathedral-priories and appropriate urban and rural sites, to draw out the development of the English cathedral landscape over six centuries. This long-term perspective unites evidence from across the traditional medieval / post-medieval divide: in contrast with all other categories of medieval monastery, cathedral-priories weathered the Reformation, and offer unique potential to study continuity and change through the eruptions of the Reformation and beyond. This innovative study both outlines the development of the cathedral landscape and, using evidence from Norwich, supplies a contextual study of changing sacred and social space in a single institution.

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