Norwich (2003)

Brooks, Pamela

Norwich: Stories of a City

Published: Fort Publishing Ltd., Ayr, Scotland

Date: 2003

The most easterly city in Britain has a fascinating past that echoes today in ancient buildings and household names such as Colman and Start-rite. Have you ever wondered what the connection was between chocolate and crackers? Do you know what caused naked blue men to work in the city's cellars, or why the whole of Norwich was once excommunicated? And what's Death Knelly and how did she beat Lord Haw-Haw? Local author Pamela Brooks answers all these questions and more in this outstanding collection of thirty stories, which include fire and flood, murder and mystery, riot and rebellion, sporting superstars, Delia Smith, Stephen Fry and the stories behind the city's street names. It's a must-read for anyone who knows and loves Norwich.

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