Date: c.1860

c. 1860. Folio. 440 x 290 mm. pp. 23 double sided prints. Printed in green with hand drawn purple straight ruled borders, bound in contemporary half morocco, recently rebacked, lettered in gilt on the spine. A rare collection of nature printing in colour and of woody, rather than fleshy, specimens. Due to the more resistant nature of the specimens there are significant impressions on to the paper.

Nature Printing. The art of nature printing originates in the 13th Century but it seems to have been the 1850s which saw a serious interest in England and Scotland with the work of William Aitken, Ferguson Branson and Thomas Moore. They all used a mechanical process to impress an image on lead or zinc, subsequently electroplating a printing plate on copper. However nature printing, in its simplest form, was easy to master and was also adopted enthusiastically by amateurs who would use the technique for collecting and recording plants, seaweeds and even moths and butterflies. The simple inking of a specimen, laying it onto paper, or between two sheets, and pressed with weights or a roller would produce an accurate and pleasing image to satisfy naturalists and artists.


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