Mulberry Harbour, War Office Photographs.

Date: 1944

Twenty six original black and white War Office photographs; 26cm by 20cm. The photographs relate to the construction and use of the British harbour at Arromanches. There are a number of general views of harbour in use, a composite image of the whole harbour, a detailed image of the caissons in use, (showing men at work and others swimming), others show caissons under construction and parts of the harbour under tow to France. In addition there are two images of a hospital ship clearing casualties. Finally there are three aerial photograph, one annotated. The harbour became known as Port Winston and saw heavy use for 8 months despite being designed to last only 3 months. In the 10 months after D-Day, it was used to land over 2.5 million men, 500,000 vehicles, and 4 million tonnes of supplies providing much needed reinforcements in France. The majority of the photographs have a typewritten caption to the verso. They are generally in very good condition, some marks, wear to the edges and occasionally pin holes and tape marks to the corners. In addition there are nine original black and white photographs of a 1/4" to 1' scale model of the harbour, stamped Bassett-Lowke Ltd, Model Engineers, London & Northampton. There is one additional engineering black and white image of an unidentified subject. Housed in a specially made cloth backed box.


Offered by York Modern Books