Most unusual Sailor Art .

Date: c.178 - 1820

Most unusual Sailor Art ship diorama circa 1780-1820 with scrimshaw frame. The diorama shows a three masted ship of the line with figurehead, cannon, flags and a sailor, rudimentary rigging and flags and background made from fabric scraps. Approx 24.5 x 21.5 x 9 cm. The scrimshaw borders emphasise the maritime theme with engraved images of fish, ships and a cottage home.The ship and frame are made from carved and shaped bone, with added metal cannon to the ship.The sections are joined with metal tacks, as are the scrimshaw frame sections. The back of the box is covered with sailcloth. The glass panel on the front is now held on with pins, but seems to have originally been fixed with some form of amalgam filler. One section of carved rigging is missing, the right hand anchor fluke shows damage, but otherwise this is an extraordinary survival. An original and very charming piece of naïve folk art.


Offered by John Underwood Antiquarian Books