A Victorian emigre conductor writes about his troubled family background ([ 1881 ])

Michael Costa

Michael Costa autograph letter

Date: [ 1881 ]

Michael Costa [1808-1884] Anglo/Italian conductor. 4 page autograph letter in Italian [with English translation] dated 1881 to His Excellency General Luigi Federico Menabrea, Italian Ambassador in London [from 1876-1882] A very interesting letter where Costa says that he is sorry to find himself unable to meet the wishes of the Signora Contessa De La Feld regarding 'Mr Mario Costa'. After what I said to Signora Contessa last year in Bologna I cannot but be surprised that she should trouble Your Excellency for this purpose. You will allow me to tell you that I could never sympathise with my father's second wife with her children, nor the father of the above mentioned young man I never met. I left Naples many years now, I have never been in touch with them nor do I desire so to be for very particular reasons...I am returning the enclosed letter [not present] of Signora Contessa de la Feld..... Costa made his career in England where he enjoyed great success. This letter gives a fascinating insight into the family he left behind in Italy and what was clearly a rupture with them. Envelope folds, VG condition.



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