Date: c.1920

SCOTT, Malcolm .H. [“Seven Stars”], 15 (Indian) MT Company, Quetta Baluchistan 1923. 1920’s .Fifteen bound volumes of manuscript stories, largely featuring Indian themes, after an initial volume of English stories. Approx 26 cm x 21 cm. with small variations, bound in maroon cloth , titled with several variations of text style in gilt to front boards, numbered by hand in white to the top of each spine. Each volume contains a bookplate for M.H.Scott. Included in volume one are a couple of letters, (pictured) and a typescript identifying the author and listing the stories. These seem to be the authors own record of his work, we think intended for publication. Some stories have the written names of what would seem to be Magazine publications on the last recto ; “Victorian June 1921”,” Shamrock”, “Flight Febry 1919” “Lamp” (etc) which might suggest submissions to or publication within the magazine in question. Some stories have added illustrations in the form of postcards, clippings, prints, and there are a couple of pieces of original Indian art. The last volume “The Seven Pagodas” is interesting as a travel journal, as it describes visits to Vijaynagar, Daulatabad, Dabhoi, Karli and Bhaja, Goa, Mysore, and lastly a chapter entitled “ Lingiyats, Lings, and Legends”. One volume has considerable damp staining, but the others are generally Very Good; tidy and easily readable. An interesting collection of Colonial Indian stories which offers further opportunity for research.


Offered by John Underwood Antiquarian Books