Large Elephant Folio Manuscript Two Hundred Page Book of Military Uniforms, Recorded in Fine Detail in Original Paintings and Drawings, also with old period engravings ([ 1912 - 1919 ])

Fine Paintings & Drawings

Manuscript Album of Military Uniforms

Date: [ 1912 - 1919 ]

This is a beautiful and meticulously created Two Hundred Manuscript Album being a study of British Military Regimental Uniforms through the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries. A large proportion of the album is made up of hand drawn and finely painted illustrations, with the remainder made up from old coloured engravings, many of which are hand coloured, the album is a large Elephant Folio format measuring over 18 inches tall, bound into a recent and very attractive half leather binding, the authorship of the album is not clear, but some of the paintings are dated and date to the 1913-1914 period with some a few years later, there is a correspondence letter loosely inserted in the album dated 13th January 1919 from a P. M. Reynolds of Nut Tree House, Bloxham, Near Banbury to an Irwin, on a matter to do with Military uniforms, One painting of a Grenadier is signed Revd. P. Sumner, or Summer. There are also a small amount of loose Photographs and other engravings that are loose and have not been put into the album. A fine manuscript early twentieth century album kept by an as yet unidentified Military Historian, who has painstakingly recorded the fine details of British regimental military uniforms through the 18th & 19th Centuries

Half Lether


Offered by Andrew Cox