History/Archaeology (1976)

Squire, Gwen

Livery Buttons : The Pitt Collection

Published: Leghorn Company

Date: 1976

This book contains photographs, by the author, of nearly 3000 Livery Buttons which were made for British, Irish and foreign families in the nineteenth century. There has been a strong revival of interest in heraldry in the last few years and many people will be pleased and proud to see their family crests or arms on these button . Some of the names in this book are already immortal, the giants of that time, but it is hoped that others who simply passed this way may be brought to life again and their descendants will know them a little better. Collectors and students of heraldry will find this book an invaluable source of reference. Kings and Princes, noblemen from all ranks of the peerage, great men from military history - meet them all and their contemporaries inside. 100 full-page photo. plates each with a facing page of explanatory notes. A scarce book.


Blue Cloth


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