Lewis Carroll - Morton H Cohen

Lewis Carroll & the House of Macmillan: Manuscript [Alice in Wonderland; Through the Looking Glass]

Date: [ 1979 ]

Manuscript and corrected typescript drafts of an important bibliographical account of Charles Dodgson's vexed relationship with the publisher of Alice in Wonderland, the house of Macmillan which was written by the leading Lewis Carroll scholar Professor Morton N Cohen (1921¿2017) who published the article in Vol VII, Browning Institute Studies, 1979. Comprising an early manuscript draft with interpolated additional pages of handwritten text, pp25; separate 19 page manuscript on Dodgson¿s relationship with the booksellers; early typescript of article - pp 10-41, heavily corrected; heavily edited typescript and later draft typescript together with two photocopied offprints. The work examines Lewis Carroll's complex sometimes infuriating relationship with his publisher, Macmillan, drawing heavily upon his letters which Cohen also edited and other evidence.


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