By Pierre vander Aa (Pieter van der Aa)

Les Isles Britanniques

Published: published Leiden early 18c


10 1/4" x 15" to include wide decorative borders to three edges. later hand colouring.

A very good example of a reduced version of the great French cartographer Guillaume de L'Isle's larger map published at the turn of the century. It shows a number of underwater features in the North Sea and reiterates de L'Isle's well-founded doubts concerning the mythical islands of Assmanda and Brasil shown on earlier maps off the west coast of Ireland. The title cartouche is illustrated with a bearded, trident-wielding sea god seated on a large sea shell chariot pulled by two horses and led by dolphins. There is a prospect of London and the River Thames in the background. The lower margin has been extended.


Offered by Michael Morris