Leather bound autograph album

Date: 1920

A small 4to. leather bound autograph album featuring five multiple signed pages by over 30 delegates and officials from various countries, all of whom were present at the first meeting of the General Assembly of the League of Nations in Geneva on 15th November 1920, including Arthur James Balfour (1848-1930, British Prime Minister 1902-05, Foreign Secretary 1916-19; representing the British Empire), George Nicoll Barnes (1859-1940, Scottish Politician, Minister without Portfolio 1917-20; delegate for the British Empire), Herbert A. L. Fisher (1865-1940, English Historian & Politician, President of the Board of Education 1916-22; delegate for the British Empire), Cecil Hurst (1870-1963, British Lawyer), Robert Cecil (1864-1958, British Lawyer, Politician & Diplomat, one of the architects of the League of Nations and recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1937 in recognition of his service to the organisation), Reginald Blankenberg (1876-1960, South African Diplomat; delegate for South Africa), Viscount Ishii Kikujiro (1866-1945, Japanese Diplomat & Ambassador, Minister of Foreign Affairs 1915-16, President of the League of Nations 1923 & 1926; delegate for Japan), Gonsuke Hayashi (1860-1939, Japanese Diplomat, Ambassador to the United Kingdom 1920-25; delegate for Japan), Baron Megata Tanetaro (1853-1926, Japanese Government official; delegate for Japan), James Allen (1855-1942, New Zealand Politician & Diplomat, High Commissioner of New Zealand to the United Kingdom 1920-26; delegate for New Zealand), Francisco Garcia Calderon Rey (1883-1953, Peruvian Writer, present at the Paris Peace Conference, 1919; delegate for Peru), Kumar Sri Ranjitsinhji (1872-1933, Indian Cricketer who played for the English Cricket team, Maharaja Jam Saheb of Nawanagar 1907-33; delegate for India), C. B. Fry (1872-1956, English Cricketer & Sportsman, Politician and Diplomat; assistant to Ranjitsinhji), V. K. Wellington Koo (1888-1985, Chinese Diplomat, Premier of the Republic of China 1924, President of the Republic of China 1926-27; delegate for China), I. J. Paderewski (1860-1941, Polish Pianist & Composer, Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland 1919; delegate for Poland), Carlo Schanzer (1865-1953, Italian Diplomat; delegate for Italy), Edvard Benes (1884-1938, Czechoslovakian President 1935-38, 1945-48; delegate for Czechoslovakia), Edward Davie Millen (1860-1923, Australian Journalist & Politician, Minister for Repatriation 1917-23; delegate for Australia), Raoul Fernandes (Brazilian Diplomat; delegate for Brazil), Emir Zoka ed Dowleh (Persian Diplomat; delegate for Persia), Santiago Key Ayala (1874-1959, Venezuelan Historian, Writer & Diplomat; delegate for Venezuela), Fridtjof Nansen (1861-1930, Norwegian Explorer, Scientist & Diplomat, Nobel Peace Prize winner, 1922; delegate for Norway) etc. All have signed in bold fountain pen inks and the first page of the album features a short paragraph of introductory text, in French and in an unidentified hand (although presumably that of the collector). It was whilst working for fellow cricketer K. S. Ranjitsinhji at the League of Nations meeting when the present album was signed that C. B. Fry is reported to have been offered the throne of Albania, a position he turned down.



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