CLAVIUS, Christoph

In Sphaeram Ioannis de Sacro Bosco Commentarius, nunc tertio ab ipso Auctore recognitus, & plerisque in locis Iocupletatus, Maiori item cura correctus.

Published: Venice: Apud Bernardum Basam sub signo Solis

Date: 1596

large 8vo. [32], 484pp., numerous woodcut diagrams and figures throughout text, contemporary vellum binding composed of an attractive fragment of a mediaeval manuscript (with one coloured initial letter), modern vellum reback (stained to match in tone), paper spine label lettered in gothic type,

Neat small old "F. F. Dofbibliothek/ Donaueschingen" stamp at foot of verso of title page.

Clavius, a Jesuit from Bamberg, was professor of mathematics at Collegio Romano in Rome from 1565 until 1612. In 1574 he produced one of the most important editions and commentaries on Euclid and for this and his other mathematical endeavours was dubbed "the Euclid of the sixteenth century" by his contemporaries. As an astronomer he was a supporter of the Ptolemaic system in opposition to Copernicus. In this book, first published in Rome in 1570, he was apparently the first to accuse Copernicus of not only having presented a physically absurd doctrine but also of having contradicted numerous scriptural passages. He was a friend of Galileo until his death in 1612. In a report to the Holy Office in 1611 he and his colleagues confirmed Galileo's discoveries but did not confirm his theory [as enunciated in Siderius nuncius, 1610]. The Hofbibliothek in the F├╝rstenberg castle in Donaueschingen, once one of the largest and most important aristocratic libraries in Germany, was largely sold off between 1980 and 2001.

first few gatherings washed to remove an old damp stain at bottom gutter corner (some light old mould spotting remains and title leaf with neat archival repair in the same area), few leaves professionally repaired in this area with Japanese paper dyed to match, else a nice fresh copy in an unusual and interesting binding.


Offered by P & B Rowan