GART DER GESUNDHEIT .CUBE, Johannes von.” Gart der Gesundheit”. Mainz: Peter Schoeffer, 28 March 1485.

Date: [ 1485 ]

Individual leaves from an important Herbarium . The Gart der Gesundheit marks a decisive break from the medieval representations of plants, and instead shows morphologically accurate depictions. The woodcuts formed the basis for all botanical illustration until the publication of Brunfels's herbal in 1530. The Gart was commissioned by Bernard Breydenbach who planned an illustrated herbal before he set out for his famous pilgrimage to the Holy Land in 1483.Johannes von Cube was asked to compile it, and the artist who accompanied him on his pilgrimage, Erhard Reuwich, provided the plant illustrations, all Mediterranean plants which were sketched on their journey. The text for the Gart is also important, as it represents the complete pharmacy of the times, and offers information about the uses of plants as cures, and the diagnosis and treatment of illness. A list of other important Herbaria is given below to provide context. 1475 Augsburg He nach volget das Puch der Natur Konrad von Megenberg (1309–1374) 1481/83 Italy/Mainz Herbarium Apuleii Platonici Apuleius Platonicus 1483 Venice Naturalis Historiae Gaius Pliny the Elder (23–79 CE) 1484 Germany Latin Herbarius Peter Schöffer (1425–1502)[2] 1485 Germany German Herbarius Peter Schöffer (1425–1502) 1486 Augsburg Gart der Gesundheit Peter Schöffer (1425–1502) 1491 Mainz Ortus sanitatis de herbis et planti de animalibus Jacob Meydenbach Peter Schöffer (1425–1502) Sizes of the leaves vary very slightly and are generally in very good condition. Please contact us for details of individual leaves.


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