BRADDON, Lawrence

ESSEX'S Innocency and Honour Vindicated: or, Murther, Subornation, Perjury, and Oppression, Justly Charg'd on the Murtherers of That Noble Lord and True Patriot, Arthur (late) Earl of Essex...

Published: London: for the Author, 1690.

Date: 1690

FIRST EDITION. 1 volume, 4to., (v)62pp., 8-1/4" x 6", with the engraved frontis depicting the murder. Bound in 1/2 speckled calf.

Wing B4101

A principal contemporary source of the still mysterious death of Essex while imprisoned in the Tower, leading to Braddon's own trial and imprisonment which lasted untill the landing of William III in 1688.

Leather - hardcover


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