ENGLISH PAPIER-MACHE Its Origin Development and Decline.

Published: LONDON The Courier Press 53 Fleet Street 1925

Date: 1925

"The collector and student of papier-mâché is handicapped by the almost complete absence of literature on the subject - the object of this book is to gather together what information is available so as to give a starting point from which anyone wishing to collect intelligently may begin their excursions into the subject - The time has now come, when any kind of original and extinct workmanship should be collected and preserved according to its merits. Never again will it be practicable to squander time in hand methods which, having taken years to acquire, were infinitely slow and inexact as compared with machine-made results." Extracts from the preface dated Oct 1925. An excellent copy of the First Edition in original publishers cloth. Crown 8vo.xv.135pps 31 plates no ownership marks.


Original publishers cloth


Offered by John Capes