Art (1985)

de Silva, Rajpal K.

Early Prints of Ceylon (Sri Lanka) 1800 - 1900. Fully Illustrated in Colour and Accompanied by Original Texts with Biographical Information Bibliographical Details Comments and Notes.

Published: Serendib Publications

Date: 1985

gilt titles spine & front cover; front D/J. illust. - William Lyttleton: View of Kandy, 1819 (Aquatint) ; rear D/J. illust. - William Daniell: Talipat palm - View in the Kiribathgoda district, 1812 (Watercolour); This book is the first comprehensive compilation of plates and prints published on Sri Lanka for the period 1800-1900. These plates, accompanied by a text, originally appeared in folio sized travelogues. In addition to reproducing all 156 plates in colour together with their original texts, the author has provided a biographical note on each artist; a bibliographical page enabling easy identification of loose plates (as they most often appear today); comments on the plates; and lively explanatory notes on the texts, covering a variety of topics which embrace not only the topography but also the customs and habits of Sri Lankan society, both past and present. As a reference work on prints of the particular period, it is complete. The plates illustrated here provide an invaluable topographical record of the island during this era. They are only infrequently available for sale, and then, often, not at readily affordable prices. In bringing together in a single volume these rare antiquarian prints, the author has given readers an opportunity of acquainting themselves fully with 'Early Prints of Ceylon'; Sri Lankan bookseller's small label neatly affixed to reverse of title page; including index - 362 pages.

as-new condition with intact D/J.

Blue Cloth


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