Salvador Dali (1973)

Salvador Dali

Dix Recettes d’immortalitė, Audouin-Descharnes,

Published: Audouin-Descharnes, Paris 1973

Date: 1973

An incomplete set of copy 194 of 210, containing Provenance with sheet signed by the editor and Dali. Signed Exemplaire sheet 194 and English translation as well as the Prologue. Stamp of ‘Huissier de Justice’ on the reverse of the signed items. The etchings on Auvergne with watermark designed by Dali. The folders are as follows; 1.Las Meninas by Velazquez Blue backed hologram signed by Dali on back with Notaire’s stamp (no folder) 2.Sleeping Trojan Pop Up Etching signed by Dali (no folder) 3.Immortalitė de Castor et Pollux Etching and mobile signed by Dali with folder 4.Immortalitė Steroscopique et Stereochimique de la Monarchie Folder plus etching not signed 5.Le Systeme Caja y Menja Folder only (no conical tower etching) 6.Epitaphe de L’Immortalitė Folder only 7.La Sainte Trinite sainte Persistance de la Memoire Folder only with photo 8.L’homme Ressucite par l’holographie de l’ecureuil Folder only 9.Immortalitė de l’imperialisme genetique Folder only 10.Anamorphose des anamorphoses et tout est hologrammorphose Folding paper mobile signed by Dali 11.Immortalitė tetraedrique du cube Folder only

Signed by artist, text editor and Descharnes. Numbered items with Dali designed watermark and stamps of the Huissier De Justice.

Salvador Dali

V Good



Offered by David Maynard