Bailey, Nathan

Dictionarium Domesticum, Being a New and Compleat Houshold Dictionary. For the Use both of City and Country

Published: London, C. Hitch, 1736

Date: 1736 - 1736

Best known as a lexicographer, the book is laid out in an A to Z format, and is unpaginated. The full title sets out the six sections covered as: Shewing, I. The whole arts of brewing, baking, cookery, and pickling. Also confectionary in its several branches. II. The management of the kitchen, pantry, larder, dairy, olitory, and poultry. With the proper seasons for flesh, fowl and fish. III. The herdsman: giving an account of the diseases of cattle, poultry, &c. And the most approved remedies for their cure. IV. The English vineyard; being the best method of making English wines and of distilling most kinds of simple and compound cordial waters. V. The Apiary: or, the manner of breeding, hiving and managing of bees. VI. The family physician and herbalist. Containing the choicest collection of receipts for most distempers, incident to human bodies, hitherto made publick; with the qualities and uses of physical herbs and plants of English growth. The recipe for Fried Chicken, allegedly better than KFC, is the best known, also includes a Charles II remedy using opium (Anodine of King Charles the Second) and Umble Pye from deer offal. Lots of remedies for childbirth. Book has been re-backed with modern leather, marks to frontispiece and title page and handling marks. 612p, E3 is lacking from book.


Full leather


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