Superb Original Art Work - Blitzen Benz Sports Car

Detailed original technically accurate illustration of a Blitzen Benz sports car -


Fine original art work with a huge amount of technical detail - a unique item. The Blitzen Benz was a sports car built by Benz & Cie in Mannheim, Germany in 1909. It broke the world's land speed record on April 23, 1911, driven by Bob Burman it recorded an average of 141.7 mph over a full mile at Daytona Beach, breaking Glenn Curtiss's unofficial absolute speed record, land, sea or air, set in 1907 on his V-8 motorcycle. Burman's record stood until 1919. It was one of only six cars built - [of which only 4 now survive] with a 21.5 ltr, 200hp engine. At the time, this made the Blitzen Benz twice as fast as an aircraft, whilst the rail speed record (1903: 130mph) was also blasted out of sight.


Offered by Michael Moon's Bookshop