[LEE, John]

Collection of the 5 auction catalogues of the sale of his important library between 1842 and 1863

Published: Edinburgh

Date: 1842 - 1863

comprising: Catalogue of the First Part of the Valuable Library, of the Rev. John Lee ... Principal of the University of Edinburgh. Consisting of rare Works on Theology, History, Philosophy, Belles Lettres, & Various other Branches of Literature: and particularly, A large Collection of Uncommon Editions of the Bible, chiefly in English. Which will be sold by Auction by Messrs. C. B. Tait & Co. in their Great Room, No. 11, Hanover Street, on Monday, February 28, 1842, and Eleven following Days, at one o'clock. Edinburgh: Colston Printer: 1842 8vo. [4],116pp. [bound with] Catalogue of the First Portion of the Extensive Library of the late Very Rev. John Lee .... sold by Auction by Mr. T. Nisbet ... Edinburgh on Friday, November 14, 1859 and thirteen following lawful days. Edinburgh]: 1859 8vo. 176pp. [bound with] Catalogue of the Second Portion of the Extensive Library of the late Very Rev. John Lee .... sold by Auction by Mr. T. nisbet ... Edinburgh, on Tuesday, February 14, 1860 and seven following lawful days. Edinburgh]: 1860 8vo. 106pp. [bound with] Catalogue of the Extensive and Valuable Collection of Manuscripts and Autograph Letters of Eminent Personages, of the late Rev. John lee .... sold by Auction by Mr. T. Nisbet ... Edinburgh on Thursday April 4, 1861 and two following days. Edinburgh]: 1861 8vo. 34pp. [bound with] Catalogue of the Interesting Collection of Rare & Curious Pamphlets formed by the late Very Rev. John Lee ... which will be sold by Mr. T. Chapman .... Edinburgh on Friday, May 29, 1863, Edinburgh: 1863 8vo. 24pp. The five items bound together in contemporary green cloth,cloth slightly mottled, internally very clean.

Bookplate of James Sinton, Eastfield, Musselburgh.

Lee (1779-1859), Church of Scotland minister and University Principal, was one of the principal figures in Scottish intellectual life. In 1820 Lee became professor of moral philosophy in King's College, Aberdeen and in 1841 he was elected Principal at the University of Edinburgh. He was a "keen bibliophile, who collected a library of 20,000 volumes. In John Hill Burton's The Book Hunter (1862) he appeared as Archdeacon Meadows, a bibliomaniac who would buy several copies of a book which he owned already, and then, forgetting this, borrow a copy of the same book from a friend. But Lee's love of books was not a selfish one: in the 1820s he led a successful campaign to overturn the exclusive rights of the royal printers to print the Bible in Scotland, as their editions proved to be too expensive for the common man" [O.D.N.B.].


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