A COLLECTION OF RARE EARLY ORIGNIAL PHOTOGRAPHS OF ZULUS Zulu Induna Chief and other Zulus TAKEN AT MARIANNHILL a small suburb near Pinetown in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. circa 1900s or earlier (c.1900)


c1900 Original ZULU Photographs

Date: c.1900

this is a collection of six original photographs of Zulus taken at Mariannhill in KwaZulu Natal in South Africa all but one is captioned on the back, that one is titled “Three Little Zulu Maids from School” this one has an indistinct date that looks like it reads 1901 the second photo is captioned “Zulu Boys at Play” the third photo is titled “A Zulu Induna Chief” the fourth photo is captioned “A Married Zulu Lady” with the further note “The Hair Arranged in this fashion denotes she is Married” the fifth photo is not captioned but it is presumed to be a photo of “Mariannhill” showing some of the buildings and Zulu People the fifth photo is captioned “A Zulu Maiden” these five photos measure 6 inches by 4 inches approx. the sixth photo is a smaller format measuring 4.25 inches by 3.25 inches and is captioned “Dam on River” The first five photographs all have pinholes in the corners and are slightly curled, the sixth one has some wear at corners else in good condition A FASCINATING COLLECTION OF ORIGINAL ANTIQUE PHOTOGRAPHS OF ZULUS AT MARIANNHILL IN SOUTH AFRICA


Offered by Andrew Cox