Burma & Siam Escape Map 1944 (1944)

British Escape Maps on Silk: Burma & Siam 1944

Published: 1944

Date: 1944

British Military Issue Escape Maps on silk, published in 1944. Two maps joined together as one, each size 92 by 58 cm. Scale 1:1,000,000. Sheet C Burma (South), Siam (Thailand West Central) and part of French Indo China, with Sheet D Burma (Extreme South) and Siam (Thailand South), which includes the index to division of maps "shewing the positions of adjacent territories and outlying islands" and the key. Stitched to the first map is a second identical map; these are joined so that the map on the reverse can be read at the same time. The result is twice the size of the normal escape map, though in an L-shape. Presumably the object was to be able to navigate with an overview of the whole region, though these maps don't resemble RAF flight maps. Full colour and with a very detailed key. Good condition. An oddity.

Good to VG


Offered by Arthur Hook